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Finding the Right Mattress for Side Sleepers

When you are one person who often sleeps on your side, then you should know that this is just natural. What most people have is that they are not able to stay on their sides for such a long time due to the pressure points and one would just toss and turn all night. So what is the best mattress that you should purchase if you are a side sleeper?

When it comes to purchasing a new mattress, then you should know that this must be more like purchasing new golf clubs. You should get one that is properly fit so that you will be able to have the best advantage from the purchase. The spring type mattresses won’t fit your body adequately to prevent building up of pressure in the shoulders and the hips. The memory foam mattresses do work well so that you can relieve the pressure points but they don’t hold up well over time and they are hot to sleep on as well. Also, they smell like toxic fumes. A great mattress for the side sleepers is one which is actually made from the latex foam.

The latex foam mattresses have everything that the memory foam has without those side effects. You won’t be disturbed by the nasty smell and this is also durable. Also, it is cool to sleep on because of the open cell construction allowing air flow. The latex mattresses come with a range of firmness and you can make your choice of which you should go for. This is the best mattress that a side sleeper can have because you like softer mattresses. This due to the reason that the softer mattress allows the shoulders and the hips to sink and when you use the latex foam, then you can have the support that you need for the lower back.
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When it comes to choosing the right mattress for the side sleeper, you have to consider your weight. Since the latex foam mattresses have different firmness options, then you should know what works best for your weight. Those who like the soft version are below 180 pounds.
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For a side sleeper who is heavy, the latex mattress that has an ILD rating in 30’s with a latex mattress topper in low 20’s is the choice. This option will not just offer support for that slightly heavier person but this will also provide pressure relief in the shoulders as well as the hips because of the softer topper. For those who are a lot heavier, then one must have the one in the upper 30’s ILD range and it is also suggested that you have soft mattress topper to be able to help with the shoulders and hip circulation issues which you have right now.

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